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Integrated Collections

Providing collection services has been a top request from our customers for many years. Our new service eliminates headaches caused by working with non-integrated collection agencies. 

Past-due accounts are just an approval away from having our Recovery Specialists managing collections. Patient responsibility continues to increase to over 50% for many practices, making effective collections more important than ever.

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Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Outsourcing your insurance & patient billing to our RCM professionals frees you to provide the highest levels of care while also improving your financial outcomes. Get accurate reimbursements and avoid costly mistakes. 

Simple per-provider pricing makes it easy and affordable to get started.

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Gateway Only Payment Services

With our new “Gateway Only” option, you can choose to connect your existing merchant account with our Payment Services Gateway. We’ll continue to offer fully-integrated low-cost merchant accounts provided by our payment processing partners.

Now you have two ways to benefit from our Payment Services.

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Send eBill Notices via TEXT and/or EMAIL

In May 2021 we added text delivery as an option for eBill Notices, alongside the long-standing email option. You can now send eBill Notices via email and/or text. 

eBill Notices make it easy for Payers to make timely and low-cost online SelfPays through that eliminate the need for office handling.

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We're on a mission to help you get paid with the best customer experience

Our team of Implementation Specialists is dedicated to helping you get set up, trained, and using BillFlash to its full potential--as quickly as possible.

Abraham Ruiz
Implementation Specialist
435.940.9123 x654

Abraham Ruiz_white background

Abraham comes to NexTrust with a background in medical billing, Insurance Claim processing, IT support, and Training Technicians and offices on how to utilize their software as efficiently as possible. This experience helps him to focus on helping offices improve efficiency while also building relationships that better services compliancy and understanding. He makes it his personal goal to help offices feel listened to and taken care of. 

Monika Peterson
Implementation Specialist
435.940-9123 x650

Monika Peterson White Background

Monika comes to NexTrust with experience in many different areas.  She has worked in healthcare, financial services, and real estate.  She started and managed a successful small business.  This experience gives her a unique perspective as she assists our customers in more effectively utilizing BillFlash.


Disola Horst
Sr. Implementation Specialist, Team Lead
435.940.9123 x648

Disola_white background

Disola joined NexTrust in 2018 with a background in Real Estate & Social Media Marketing, Technical Support, Sales, Revenue Growth, Process Development and Optimization.  Developing strong relationships is the foundation of everything she does, both professionally and personally.  She focuses on helping providers improve efficiency, increase revenue, and simplify billing through expert product training and support.