Watch for a "Wave" of New Services, Coming This Summer!

Things are heating up at NexTrust…here's a sneak peek at the new services we're releasing this summer:


Offer FlexPay Patient Financing
& Get Paid In Full Right Away

FlexPay provides transparent financing: fast online application, no hard credit checks to apply, no fees, and 90% approvals. No awkward conversations at the time of payment—just more great experiences. The best part? You get paid in full the right away, without future bad-debt recourse.

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Add Promotional Inserts to
Mailed Statements

Leverage mailed statements: your most widely viewed communications. With the postage already paid, convert your envelope into a cost-effective communication channel. Add your created PDFs as promotional or educational inserts. Go wild! It's not just a bill, now it's a marketing channel.

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Enhanced Billing

Enhanced Billing Pre-Collection Communications

Pre-collection billing is an efficient and cost-effective way to manage your receivables before they become past-due. Enhanced Billing uses a seamless cadence of inserts and electronic reminders to motivate customers to pay faster

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