eBill Notices via Email & Text

Payer-preferred eBill Notices make it easy to view & pay bills online at our Payer site MyProviderLink.com.

Best Practice Tip

Accelerate revenue by sending eBill Notices along with highly reliable Mailed Bills as legal notice.

Features & Benefits

Same-Day Delivery

eBill Notices are the fasted way to enable Payers to view & pay your bills.

Faster Payments

Payments from eBill Notices average 9 days after receipt where payments from Mailed Bills alone average 20 days from receipt. 

Bundled Savings

Send eBill Notices via Email and/or Text for the same price. Get additional discounts when sending eBill Notices along with Mailed Bills.

Staff Preferred

eBill-generated online payments eliminate the costs and hassles for staff to handle payments in the office.

Import Tools

You can automatically import and/or manually enter required emails and mobile numbers. 


Default eBill Notices can be tailored to your office.