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Solutions 4 Community Health has partnered with NexTrust to provide you with the best billing, payment, and collection experiences and outcomes through NexTrust’s suite of BillFlash services that are fully integrated with your existing billing application.

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Create Better Experiences for Your Patients & Staff

For over 20 years, NexTrust has been getting Providers paid with the best Customer and Payer experiences through our BillFlash suite of services. Our reimagined technology makes sending bills, accepting payments, and collecting past due accounts a breeze.

BillFlash generates each payment faster by combining the reliability of professionally mailed bills with the responsiveness of electronic billing communications that enable patient-preferred online payment methods. And each OnlinePay eliminates staff handling time.

Consolidate Billing, Payments, & Collections All Under One Roof

When you integrate your billing application with BillFlash, you’ll also benefit from simplifying your vendor management by consolidating all your Billing, Payment, and Collection Services into one integrated financial solution. 

Imagine enjoying all these benefits in one integrated platform, with one support number, and one dedicated account consultant to help you maximize the efficiency of your business—all under one roof.

Get Paid Sooner at a Lower Total Cost
by Making It Easier For Your Patients to Pay You 24/7

Get paid more and get paid faster by giving your patients flexible and convenient options to pay their bill. Providers have reported a 60% increase in customer payments within 30 days of of implementing BillFlash services. 

How can your cash flow improve with BillFlash? Use our BillFlash Net Income Estimator to find out! 

BillFlash Solutions

Take your practice to the next level with NexTrust's comprehensive suite of practice management solutions:

Mailed Bills

Painlessly send professionally printed and customizable Mailed Bills. Upload, review, edit, and approve your bills with the click of a button.

 Easily add/edit messages, specify the forms of payments you accept, and change the color of your statements with our customizable templates. Add Inserts to turn your Mailed Bills into a cost-effective communication channel.

Mailed statements are sent the next business day after approval, ensuring fast delivery.

Online eBills

A free Online eBill is created with each approved bill and available to view and pay the same day. 

Mailed Bills and eBill Notices direct payers to conveniently view and pay their eBill online 24/7 
at our payment site,

Allowing payers to view and pay their bills online reduces staff handling time and office support calls while providing a better user experience.

eBill Notices
via Text & Email

The sooner payers receive their bills, the sooner you get paid! 
Customizable eBill Notices allow you to send same-day notifications via text & email.

Accelerate payments by pairing the convenience of eBill Notices along with the reliability of Mailed Bills. Adding eBills and eBill Notices has been shown to decrease the average days to payment from 20 to 9.


Everyone wins when you provide
the payment options your Payers & Staff prefer.
Our comprehensive payment solutions
allow you to accept mobile, online, in-office,
mail, & phone payments,
with popular features such as StoredPay, AutoPay, and PlanPay.

Enjoy our merchant account with competitive processing fees and features such as Card Account Updater, or keep your own merchant account.


Say goodbye to the hassles
of 3rd-party collection agencies. With BillFlash Integrated Collections, it's easy to convert your past-due A/R into received payments.

You're in control. You select the settings that will automatically flag an account for collections. Then simply review & approve recommended accounts for integrated collection services while you're doing your regular billing.


Say goodbye to the hassles
w/ 3rd-party collection agencies.

It's easy to convert your past-due A/R into received payments.

Simply review & approve recommended accounts for integrated collection services while you're doing your regular billing.

Revenue Cycle

Eliminate billing headaches
& enjoy better financial results.

Our expert coders & billers will manage your insurance & patient billing revenue, known as Revenue Cycle Management or RCM.

Focus on patient care
while we get you paid.

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