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Enhanced Billing – Send Automated Pre-Collection Communications

Pre-collection billing is an efficient and cost-effective way to manage your receivables before they become past-due. Enhanced Billing uses a seamless cadence of inserts and electronic reminders to motivate customers to pay faster.

Inserts – Turn Your Mailed Statements Into a Marketing Channel with Promotional Inserts

Leverage mailed statements: your most widely viewed communications. With the postage already paid, convert your envelope into a cost-effective communication channel. Add your created PDFs as promotional or educational inserts. Go wild! It's not just a bill, now it's a marketing channel.

FlexPay – Offer Simple Patient Financing 

Attract new patients. Empower your existing patients to receive the care they need or want. FlexPay provides transparent patient financing: lightning fast application, no hard credit checks to apply, no fees, and 90% approvals. No awkward conversations at the time of payment—just more great experiences. The best part? You get paid in full right away, without future bad-debt recourse.

NEW! is Replacing

Now it’s easier than ever to communicate the convenience of online billing & payments. is simple to remember and its purpose is clear: to view and pay bills online. PayWoot is the more fun way to manage & pay bills. Woot, woot!

Dive in and explore how these new services get you paid faster, at a total lower cost!

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